Permission denied when running as root

Permission denied when running as root

When attempting dot the .profile on one of my servers, I am getting four iterations of Execute permission denied (below). What is happening here? The sudo command allows you to run any command as another user and is commonly used to elevate permissions so that the command is run as an administrator (which in Linux terms is known as the root user). Permission denied when running elasticsearch. ... and if I run elasticsearch not as root: ... (Permission denied) at Method) at ... In case anyone else is being stupid and winds up here, I ran into a similar issue because I was trying to delete a bunch of files in a Samba share from a different machine. I wasn't allowed to delete them, or to change the permissions, as root because the root I was using wasn't the root on the machine where the files were actually stored.

Error: Exec-Program: Permission Denied when running via service start. Greetings all, I've been racking my brains out trying to solve/debug the following issue, hopefully someone can provide a new... Until then you have two choices, open up the /dev/mem to group gpio as read/write, or run as root, which has full read write to all of /dev/mem. Hope that makes sense. There are currently still some many issues where you still need to run as root. This is post 7 out of 10 in the LXC 1.0 blog post series.. Introduction to unprivileged containers. The support of unprivileged containers is in my opinion one of the most important new features of LXC 1.0. Re: permission denied as non-root From: Bill Tangren [ Date Prev ][ Date Next ] [ Thread Prev ][ Thread Next ] [ Thread Index ] [ Date Index ] [ Author Index ] Now on the RPI, I can Access one of the three shared folders (ONLY when i am logged as root) (the two others : Permission Denied), I can make a Folder in it, then on my Windows PC, i can see the created folder but can't go in it (Do not have the permissions)...

Error: "Permission denied" when running tunekrnl script ... Permission denied. ... This allows the script to be executed with root privileges even if it is being ... 1 root root 0 Apr 18 13:31 myNiceFile Edit the config file # cat /etc/rsyncd.conf [test-rsync] path = /test/ Start the daemon as root: # rsync --daemon Run the sync (on the localhost) also as root: # rsync -avzH localhost::test-rsync /tmp/ receiving incremental file list rsync: change_dir "/" (in test-rsync) failed: Permission denied (13) sent ...

推荐:android adb pull/push permission denied可能的解决办法. android adb pull/push permission denied可能的解决办法 1、请确保手机已root 2、打开CMD窗口,输入adb root,出现如下结果:adbd is already running as root. 2020阿里云最低价产品入口,含代金券(新老用户有优惠), Mar 15, 2009 · I'm thinking it's more of a file permissions error, even though running it under root gives the same results. Maybe the video device has it's own permission set somewhere or something? I dunno. Googling "exec: permission denied" brings up some obscure stuff but nothing that seems to relate to what I'm having.

In the case of Docker, the main reason for using the socket is that any user belonging to the docker group can connect to the socket while the Docker daemon itself can run as root. Essentially, it’s a convenience feature and allows multiple docker client commands to communicate to the same daemon process internally.

As you can see, I add a normal user to the docker container, give them permission to the directory and run all following commands as non-root user. Let’s say I run this command: docker-compose exec users python coverage Jun 27, 2016 · Hi Mindy, You simply need to run the npm command as sudo as the default location for NodeJS packages on OS X is protected by the admin group. When installed with sudo privileges on Ubuntu most install files are written to the install directory.However, the hidden .Xilinx directory contains files in the normal users home directory that have all been created as root and therefore cannot be accessed. This causes Vivado to fail to run correctly, unless the ownership of these files is changed manually. Error: Failed to save the Vivado ... Jul 23, 2008 · Permission Denied when i run the ./sapinst in HPUX server Posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 10:43 AM | 159 Views Hi, Permission Denied error; Getting started with C or C++ ... you should run it in superuser mode.Either log in as root or use the "su" and enter the root password

Hey there, is it possible that you were originally using the stock ruby:2.3 image (or another image with root as the default user) and saved a cache from that where ~/bearcloud-api expanded to /root/bearcloud-api, but are now trying to restore it onto the circleci/ruby image which uses a different user? SVM,Solaris troubleshooting,Sun Cluster,root mirroring,Soft partition,DNS,NFS,File System issue root passwd change permission denied Friday, February 11, 2011 at 7:31 AM | Posted by Elumalai M

Permission Denied as root when connecting BluetoothSocket with Bluez 5.43 Helpdesk I've been trying to get bluetooth working on my Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ running Raspbian Stretch Lite 4.14 with a 3rd party USB bluetooth dongle. Apr 10, 2017 · I cannot run the file after compiling. I run as a standard user, as root everything works fine. 481557 -rwsrwxrwx 1 root users 7.2K Apr 10 15:23:31 2017 prog 481553 -rw-r--r-- 1 dik09 users 78B Apr 10 15:23:08 2017 prog.c [email protected]:~ % ./prog ./prog: Permission denied.

Hi Jess, To fix this you will need to change the security permissions on the appropriate directories. Specifically, ASP.NET requires read, execute, and list access for the ASPNET account for the web site root (for example: c:\inetpub\wwwroot or any alternative site directory you may have configured in IIS), the content directory and the application root directory in order to monitor for ... Until then you have two choices, open up the /dev/mem to group gpio as read/write, or run as root, which has full read write to all of /dev/mem. Hope that makes sense. There are currently still some many issues where you still need to run as root. Examining it, that file is owned by root but I'm running virtualbox as a non-privileged user. I'm guessing it gets created early and then virtualbox drops privileges before opening the file: # ls -l /proc/16866/auxv -r-------- 1 root root 0 Jul 8 16:55 /proc/16866/auxv

Jul 23, 2008 · Permission Denied when i run the ./sapinst in HPUX server Posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 10:43 AM | 159 Views Hi, A very unhelpful error SocketException (13): Permission denied is generated. When running as root A much more helpful exception is generated with details explaining why the bind failed.

Feb 02, 2016 · Hey Guys, Made a terrible mistake earlier, while I was adjusting permissions on owncloud jail I was frustrated and made the permissions to be nogroup and nobody, also made it so there was a black box in each of the permissions below as to not change the octet of permission. After doing this I... Permission denied when running js-export as non-root user Issue Description: If you are getting the following exception when running js-export as a non-root user on Linux, check the solution below. I am trying to add the forwader or list it, but it ends up in permission denied messsage ./splunk list forward-server Splunk username: admin Password: Can't create directory /root/.splunk: Permission denied Need your help to fix this

Calculus, water poured into a cone: Why is the derivative non-linear? Is it OK to throw pebbles and stones in streams, waterfalls, ponds, ... # ftp localhost Connected to localhost.localdomain. 220 (vsFTPd 2.0.5) 530 Please login with USER and PASS. 530 Please login with USER and PASS. KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type Name (localhost:root): root 530 Permission denied. Login failed. ftp> Permission denied when data scrubbing a RAID, even when run as root. I have a RAID 0 in my machine, which was set up as per the instructions in the wiki. The wiki said that regular data scrubbing should be performed, but when I input the given command in the wiki, I get the following: Once newrelic-daemon is up and running it will be running as root user. So permission ownership on the newrelic-daemon.log file on a system I have locally is root:root. What user runs the drush command (just want to see what user will be executing in context) Run ifconfig as non-root user for read-only access to network interfaces It is a frequent scenario that you are logged in to the console of a Linux system, and you need to know its IP address. If you are the root user, that is easy: Jan 25, 2018 · As per the permission given in above output only owner of the directory who is root can have all permission that is read, write and execute. So in such case you need to change the permission of the directory to read using below chmod command: